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Sliding pocket doors are practical, lightweight and above all easy to handle. They also look great in bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. However, keeping them locked can become a real headache. Most of the locks for this type of doors that you find in the market are defective or have a too short lifespan.

Pocket door locks are gadgets that keep doors closed. Their main function is to provide protection, security and privacy. Basically it’s a mechanism inside a solid metal case that pushes a latch to block the movement of the door. To lock or unlock, you must turn a key or thumbturn.

Probably there are thousands of different models in the market. So you can’t even imagine how many of these things are available on the Internet. Some cheap and others too expensive. If you’re thinking of buying the best pocket door hardware, you may want to know some useful tips before making a decision.

How to choose the best design? What type of lock is the safest one? Below you’ll find the answer to questions like this. This is the most complete review and buyer’s guide to get the best pocket door lock without spending too much money.

Top 10 Best Pocket Door Locks

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Benefits of Best Pocket Door Locks

Next time you buy pocket door locks, don’t settle for the cheapest model. The design, the mechanism and the difficulty of installation are aspects that certainly can play in your favor or against you depending on the decision you make.

Whatever the model you decide to buy, below you’ll know the benefits of installing best door locks:


First of all, it’s better to have pocket door handle with locks than without them. And these are the reasons why:

  • Provide greater privacy.
  • Protect goods inside a room.
  • Keep children away from danger.
  • Make your sliding doors safer.
  • Keep your pocket doors closed.


Certainly, best pocket door systems can last forever. Therefore, you can be sure of the following:

  • Made with resistant materials.
  • Resistant to moisture and external agents.
  • Can withstand very frequent uses.
  • Don’t need too much maintenance.
  • Resistant to heat and high impacts.


Pocket doors favor the overall aesthetics of your home, because:

  • Adapt to any type of perforated doors.
  • Adapt to the interior decoration.
  • Make your doors more striking.
  • Combine with a wide variety of colors and tones.
  • Are more discreet than best gate locks.

Installation and Use

You don’t really need a complicated manual to understand pocket door lock installation, because:

  • They’re easy to install.
  • You don’t need many tools to do it.
  • Fasteners included in the installation kit.
  • You can open them from the outside.
  • You just need to turn to lock or unlock.

In conclusion, the benefits you get with best smart door locks are too much. So don’t wait too long and start investigating some models that can combine well with your doors design and the internal decoration of your home.

Top 10 Best Pocket Door Locks Reviews

If you’ve already started searching the Internet, certainly making a decision becomes difficult with so many different models. Big, small, round, square. If several models have caught your attention, you’ll certainly want to have enough money to buy them all. However, probably your current budget only allows you to buy one.

But if you want to take home only the best of the best, pay attention to the next top 10. Because of their catching design, unsurpassed quality and low prices, the following models have broken sales records on the Internet.

1. Kwikset 335 Round Pocket Door Lock (Regular size)

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Above all, modern and elegant. Kwikset 335 is ideal for bedroom and bathroom doors, where privacy is a necessity. Its round design allows adapting to any type of drilled door with a thickness of 2.13 inches. It’s also very easy to install and you just need a drill to do it.

Its latch fits to any type of lock configuration. Its satin nickel finish makes it the perfect decorative piece that your doors needed. Therefore, if interior design is your passion, you can’t stop trying this product.

  • Modern and elegant.
  • Adjustable latch.
  • Ideal for interior doors.
  • Not durable.
  • Mechanism tends to fail during the first months of use.


Kwikset 335 is the best pocket lock to add a touch of class and good taste to the internal doors of your home. Although it’s a very beautiful and striking model, maybe it isn’t exactly the most resistant. However, it provides enough resistance to guarantee your privacy.

2. Citiloc FBA_271108 Round Pocket Door Lock

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It fits all types of perforated doors. Its oil rubbed bronze finish makes it attractive to the eye and provides extra resistance against external agents. To lock, you just have to turn the thumbturn from the inside. For emergencies, you can unlock the mechanism from the outside.

Also, its dark finish combines better with dark wood doors. Above all, it’s lightweight, compact and easy to install. Therefore, this round pocket door lock is ideal for indoor use. In addition, it’s more resistant and robust than similar models.

  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Durable and resistant.
  • Ideal for dark wood doors.
  • Latch tends to fail with the first use.
  • It can be difficult to install on some doors.


If you have dark doors and want to add a touch of luxury, you certainly need a Citiloc FBA_271108 Round Pocket Door Lock. It’s compact and adapts to any type of doors. It’s also sturdy to ensure that no one enters through the door when the lock is set.

3. Dynasty Hardware DYN-2001-US15 Round Pocket Door

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It provides even more privacy, comfort and a touch of style. If you want to enjoy a moment alone in your bedroom or bathroom, Dynasty Hardware DYN-2001-US15 Round Pocket Door is certainly all you need. It adapts to any type of perforated doors. Therefore, it is very easy to install. Its round design makes unnecessary to drill a new notch on the door.

Its satin nickel finish is bright and striking. It will make your doors even more striking to your visitors. It also combines perfectly with classic and modern decorations. No matter the color of the door, it will certainly look great on all of them.

  • Durable and resistant.
  • Modern design.
  • Satin nickel finish.
  • Not easy to install.
  • Mechanism tends to wear out with use.


Above all, Dynasty Hardware DYN-2001-US15 Round Pocket Door is a quality product with a nice design. It’s also small, discreet and provides the necessary security to guarantee privacy and comfort. With this model, nobody can open the door without your permission.

4. Prime-Line N 7239 Pocket Door Lock

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Probably, what most attracts the attention of Prime-Line N 7239 Pocket Door Lock is its robust appearance and resistance. Made with diecast metal with satin nickel finish. The metal plates that make up this product are thicker than other models. If you’re looking for safety above all, this is the perfect product for you.

To lock, you just have to turn the thumbturn from the inside. It fits most perforated doors. Also, the installation kit includes all the necessary fasteners. If the hole in the door is already done, you’ll only need a screwdriver to complete the assembly.

  • More resistant than similar models.
  • Square shape.
  • Fasteners included.
  • It can break with excessive use.
  • Latch tends to get stuck when turning the thumbturn.


Prime-Line N 7239 is a very resistant pocket door lock. Although it seems robust, its design is delicate and elegant. Probably, overuse tends to wear the latch and other moving parts. Therefore, it isn’t advisable to install it in places with high traffic. However, by giving it proper use, it can last a lifetime.

5. Berlin Modisch Single Cylinder Deadbolt Lock

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If you have a modern design house, Berlin Modisch deadbolt lock will certainly combine with the interior and exterior doors. It’s very easy to handle and offers superior resistance compared to other pocket door locks.

It’s also very easy to install and very resistant. Its powder coated carbon steel body provides even more resistance to wear and external agents.

  • Easy installation
  • Modern design.
  • Comes with thumb-turn interior lock latch knob
  • Not durable.


Finally, This is a great value for the money and you get what you pay for in door locks. You will definitely love this quality products.

6. Prime-Line N 7367 Pocket Door Lock

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A reversible lock for left or right handed uses. It adapts to all types of perforated doors with thicknesses between 1.38-1.75 inches. Above all, it’s robust and resistant. Made with solid brass to last a lifetime. To lock, you just need to turn the thumbturn from the inside. All necessary fasteners come with the installation kit.

In contrast to other door locks, this model does include installation instructions. Most noteworthy, each step is clearly detailed to avoid confusion. Also, you just need a screwdriver to mount it.

  • Installation instructions included.
  • Attractive design.
  • Durable and resistant.
  • Some models reported with defective lock rings.
  • Thumbturn tends to break easily.


Above all, Prime-Line N 7367 Pocket Door Lock is compact and manufactured to withstand the test of time. It also has a striking design that you’ll surely want in your doors. When you install one of these, your privacy is a guarantee. However, you should carefully manipulate the thumbturn because it’s the most delicate part of its mechanism.

7. Kwikset 335 Round Pocket Door Lock (Small size)

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It follows the same design similarly as the Kwikset 335 model, but smaller. Fits doors with thicknesses between 1.38-1.75 inches. You can also lock from inside by simply turning a thumbturn. It’s easy to install and you only need a drill to do it. Its satin nickel finish provides a touch of luxury and style to each of your doors.

Above all, it’s very resistant and provides security and privacy wherever you need it. Ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms with sliding pocket doors.

  • Modern and elegant.
  • Adjustable latch.
  • Ideal for interior doors.
  • Not durable.
  • Mechanism tends to fail during the first months of use.


If the regular Kwikset 335 model is too wide for your doors, maybe this smaller version is the most suitable for you.  In contrast to the regular version, there’s no big difference. It retains the same round design and the same locking mechanism. In addition, the price is the same. So there are no excuses for not having a Kwikset 335 on your door.

8. Lockwood CL4ENTR Pocket Door Lock

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This is maybe the best dual pocket door lock on the market. Instead of a thumbturn, this model uses a key to lock and unlock. Therefore, only the person who has the key can manipulate the mechanism. Ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms with sliding pocket doors. The first 30,000 turning cycles without problems are a guarantee.

Lockwood CL4ENTR Pocket Door Lock is ideal for heavy duty and can withstand 3kN of pull force without damage. Its satin silver finish makes it eye-catching, ideal to catch the attention of your visitors.

  • Striking and elegant design.
  • Uses a key to lock and unlock.
  • Double locking system.
  • Locking mechanism tends to getting stuck.
  • Too short latch doesn’t provide a good lock.


Lockwood CL4ENTR Pocket Door Lock has a great advantage above all. It uses a key to lock or unlock the mechanism. So, children at home won’t be able to manipulate the lock, which guarantees your peace of mind. Its double locking system provides even more security and stability. Forcing the door won’t be enough to enter.

9. Emtek 2101SS Pocket Door Lock

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Ideal for old design houses. The design of this art piece inspires in the locks of the mid-century. Its oil-rubbed bronze finish gives it a classic and very elegant look. However, it also combines very well in doors with modern design.

Its locking system combines two surface pulls and an edge pull for maximum safety. Above all, it’s robust and very resistant, ideal to withstand a large pull force. It also adapts to all types of perforated doors and you only need a screwdriver to install it. All mounting hardware comes with the installation set.

  • Antique and elegant design.
  • Durable and resistant.
  • Triple locking system.
  • Locking mechanism tends to get stuck.
  • Too rigid thumbturn.


Ideal for lovers of old and rustic design. If you have a ranch or a cabin in the woods, this is maybe the type of pocket door lock you need. Its triple locking system guarantees maximum security and privacy. In addition, it withstands more cycles of use compared to other similar models.

10. Prime-Line N 7161 Pocket Door Lock

No products found.

A compact model that brings together all the basic features of other pocket door locks from Prime-Line. It also uses a pull out edge tab to ensure security and privacy. It adapts to all types of perforated doors. All parts of this product have a 1 year warranty in case of any defect.

It’s easy to install and all the necessary fasteners come with the installation set. Its design combines very well with modern structures. On the other hand, its satin chrome finish makes it shine wherever you install it.

  • Modern and striking design.
  • Durable and resistant.
  • Easy to install.
  • Latch tends to fail with excessive use.
  • Too rigid thumbturn.dd


It implements the same square design and satin chrome finish as the rest of the pocket door locks from Prime-Line. Above all, it’s a bit smaller, but strong enough to guarantee your privacy. If you have a house with modern design, this model will look great on your doors. It certainly looks much better installed in white doors.

Buying Guide – Pocket Door Locks

Buying a pocket door lock may seem easy. You only choose a beautiful model, take it home and install it. Maybe, if you’re lucky, it will last forever on your door. Unfortunately, ideal situations like this are only possible in dreams. In the real world, there’s a high probability of making mistakes and suffering a great disappointment after buying.

Maybe your door is too thick for the lock, the hole in the door is too big, the latch doesn’t extend enough and so on. There are so many possible disappointing situations that certainly make you feel doubts about whether it’s really convenient to buy one of these gadgets.

If that’s your case, don’t worry. To choose the most convenient model for you, you just have to consider some basic criteria. From the characteristics of your door to the manufacturing materials. Choosing a good pocket door lock will no longer be a result of trial and error. If it’s the first time you buy one of these, you’ll learn how to not commit mistakes in the first attempt.

This is the best buying guide on pocket door locks that you’ll find on the Internet. After reading this, you’ll not need to consult other information sources to become an expert. You’ll be ready to visit a shopping website or a hardware store to make the best investment of your life.

Know Well Your Pocket Door

On the Internet you’ll maybe find door locks that promise to fit on any kind of door, but it’s a lie. For example, you can’t adapt the best pool gate locks to pocket doors.


Each pocket door lock has a thickness adjustment range. It usually varies between 2.13-1.38 inches. So, before buying, make sure to measure the thickness of your pocket door.

Certainly, not all doors have the same thickness. Some are wider than normal, making them unsuitable for almost any door lock on the market. These custom-made doors, which don’t follow the standard dimensions, often give many problems. An easy way to determine if the pocket door lock will really fit, is knowing the length of its fasteners.

For example, if the length of the fasteners is considerably less than the thickness of the door, surely the lock won’t fit. Usually, pocket door locks include two separate pieces that install on each side of the door. Both faces join together with fasteners that go through the hole of the door.

Applying this simple principle you can evaluate several options simultaneously and determine in a short time if they’re really convenient for you.

New Door?

If your door is new and not perforated, maybe you’ll need to drill the hole for yourself. To do this, you’ll need a hole cutter tip and a drill. So, verify that the tip diameter matches the required hole diameter by the door lock. If you drill a hole larger than normal, you would ruin your door and probably, no door lock in the market will fit on it.

Before drilling, verify that the hole location allows an exact latch adjustment. If the latch doesn’t enter the right place, the door won’t lock. If you already made a mistake by drilling the hole, you probably have to open a new hole in the door frame to adjust the latch. It isn’t the most aesthetic idea, but the most functional.

In conclusion: pocket door locks only work with sliding doors. They’ll never work with swinging doors, because the latch won’t collapse in contact with the frame. So, each type of lock works with a certain type of door. Therefore, you should also know how your door moves before buying if you don’t want to regret it later.


Today you can find best automatic locks on different materials. The most common are stainless steel, iron, brass and bronze. It’s also possible to find some luxury models plated in gold and silver. However, these models aren’t in the possibilities of most people.

Above all, a door lock must be resistant to withstand high impacts and frequent use. Repeated locking and unlocking cycles are the main cause of breakdowns. Time after time, hundreds of people on the Internet complain because of the short life of their pocket door locks. However, they don’t take into account the frequency of use they give to their gadgets.

For example, most cheap models have a short lifespan. On the other hand, some may last for years, on doors used infrequently. But in areas with high traffic, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, it would be a miracle that a cheap model manages to survive more than 6 months.

Expensive or Cheap?

When it comes to best smart home door locks, there’s a basic rule that always meets: expensive models have greater durability. Sometimes, you usually find deceptive offers that make you think that the lighter the product is better. However, when a pocket door look is too light, the materials are likely to be of poor quality.

Certainly, the densest metals are the most resistant. So, higher density means more weight per volume unit. For example, if you find two similar models with the same dimensions, it’s easy to determine which of them is the most resistant.

You just have to compare the weights. If both products are supposedly of the same material but there’s a considerable difference in weights, the lighter one uses a less resistant material.

There are very few materials that are stronger and lighter than steel. Titanium is one of them. However, you won’t find many titanium door locks in the market. Prices would rise to the sky. Therefore, you should always doubt the resistance of a product if its weight is suspiciously too low.

In the market you’ll find cheap imitations of aluminum sold as carbon steel. However, it’s very easy to identify the scam if you previously know that the density of steel is about 2.9 times the density of aluminum.


A pocket door is even more than a gadget to provide security and privacy. It’s also a decorative piece that makes your doors more attractive. But not all best automatic door locks designs fit all door styles. So, before buying, imagine how the product would look once installed on your door.

First of all, the door lock design should fit to the overall design of your home. For example, if you live in a classic-style house, you can opt for old-style bronze locks. Hafele pocket door hardware fits perfect for this purposes.

For modern houses, magnetic pocket door locks with geometric shapes are certainly the best. The most common are round and square locks. They’re also very easy to install and are more discreet than classic models. If you don’t want your doors to attract too much attention, opt for smaller locks.

The final finish also plays an important role. Chrome models are elegant and combine with white doors. Gold plated brass models are probably a bit more expensive, but they look even better than chrome. They give you the feeling of being at a luxury hotel.

If you have dark doors, you should opt for dark finishes. Oil-rubbed bronze locks are ideal for these cases. If you install a chrome model on a door that is too dark, the contrast will be very sharp and your locks will attract too much attention. The harmony of colors and tones provides a sense of order and balance.

Closing Mechanism

Most pocket door locks work the same way. When you turn a piece, you actuate the mechanism that pushes out the latch to lock. In this sense, there are two types of pocket door locks: thumbturn and key locks.

Thumbturn locks use a small metal arm that, when turned, drives the mechanism. If you’re going to buy one of these, make sure that the thumbturn has an appropriate size, enough not to split a nail trying to rotate it. So, the smaller the thumbturn, the harder it will be to move.

Also, with loss of lubrication, the moving parts in the locking mechanism become more difficult to move. Therefore, with the passage of time you’ll have to apply much more force each time you turn the thumbturn. The larger this piece, you can apply more torque.

In conclusion, don’t buy locks with too small thumbturns, because your fingers will suffer every time you try to lock or unlock. In addition, you run the risk of being locked in your own bathroom every time the mechanism gets stuck.

Key door locks use a key to operate the locking system. Therefore, they’re the safest models, because they prevent third parties from accessing a certain room without permission. For example, if you live in the same house with strangers, this is the best way to guarantee privacy. If you store valuable things in your closet, it’s the best way to keep them safe.

Latch type

If you look closely at latches for pocket doors, you’ll notice that they’re very different from conventional latches for swinging doors. Conventional latches have a curved bevel at the edge in contact with the frame. At first glance, the latch seems like a shark’s fin.

When the bevel makes contact with a hard and flat surface, it also forces the latch to retract. Then, when nothing is making contact, a spring pushes it out. On the other hand, latches for pocket door locks work very differently.

First of all, they don’t have beveled edges. It’s usually a symmetrical and straight metal piece. Second, they don’t retract in contact with a surface. The only way to move them is by turning a thumbturn or a key. Third, they’re usually smaller than latches for swinging doors.

Adjustable Latches?

Some pocket door locks have adjustable latches. With each turn of the thumbturn or the key, the latch becomes thicker. If you’ve ever seen a Matrioshka, surely you understand well the operation of this type of pocket door locks.

With the second pass of the thumbturn or key, other models display two small metal arms from the tip of the main latch, forming a “T”. Therefore, these types of locks are the best to resist more pull force compared to the rest.

On the other hand, some locks use several latches at the same time. With each step, a new latch extends to provide greater security and resistance. These are the safest of all, making them virtually impossible to unlock from the outside.

So depending on the level of security required, you can choose between one and another model. But you must remember that the more complex and secure the mechanism, the price of the lock will increase considerably.

Ease of Installation

Probably, most installation kits for pocket door locks don’t include instructions. Seems like most manufacturers assume that buyers can discover for themselves how to install the product without help.

Actually, installing a pocket door lock may be easier than it seems, especially when the locking system is more complex. First of all, make sure that all mounting hardware comes with the kit.

For example, some models don’t include all fasteners. Therefore, you have to spend more money to install the product. Also, make sure you have the right tools. To install any door lock, you only need three basic things:

  • Drill
  • Drill tips
  • Screwdriver

The type of drill tip to use may vary in each case, depending on the diameter of the perforations.

If you’ve never installed a pocket door lock and don’t want to take risks, choose only models that include instructions. However, you can usually find the installation instructions of well-known brand models on their official websites. Some even offer tutorial videos for a better understanding.


Certainly, reviews on the Internet are your main source of reliable information. With them you can determine if it’s really worth buying a certain door lock or not. However, you can’t believe everything you read. You should know that some fake buyers receive money to write good reviews.

But, if a product is good, it will surely have many buyers. Therefore, search the Internet for top-selling products and compare the percentage of good reviews vs. bad reviews.

If most buyers only have good things to say about a certain pocket door lock, there’s no reason to be afraid. However, if doubts still don’t let you make the final decision, you can consult other sources.

Reading buying guides is a good way to learn more about a certain product. How does it work? Which are its parts? What is it for? The more answers you find to your questions, you’ll feel even more prepared to make a decision.


In the market you’ll find all kinds of different pocket door locks. Some above $100 dollars and others below $6. Obviously, if you don’t want to take a piece of junk home, don’t opt for models cheaper than $6 dollars. It would be the same as throwing your money in the trash.

For example, you can visit hardware stores and find a wide variety of different products. If a specific model catches your attention, it’s convenient to copy the brand and the model on a piece of paper and investigate if it’s available on an Internet shopping website.

You may find much lower prices, but you must be careful. If it’s cheaper than normal, it’s better not to buy, especially if there’s no warranty return. However, if the difference is a small percentage from the initial price (maybe 10%), you can buy the product with complete confidence.

Best Brands of Pocket Door Locks

If you’re looking for the best of the best, you can’t settle for choosing any brand. You must choose the best of all. And only 3 brands have earned the privilege of being the best above all for the superior quality of their products, their innovative design and affordable prices.

You don’t need to be rich to install deluxe locks in your pocket doors. You just have to know how to choose well. Next, you’ll know why you should opt for these 3 brands every time you buy a new lock.


Kwikset has been a pioneer in the development of new locking technologies for doors since 1946. It all started when its founders Adolf Schoepe and Karl Rhinehart developed the first tubular lock, called “Kwikset”.

Since then, this company has been dedicated to producing quality items for domestic and industrial uses. They’re the inventors of the renowned SmartKey system that allows re-keying a lock using a master key.


Founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 1985. This company dedicates to the mass production of integrated security systems. This includes access control systems, detection and surveillance systems and locksmith services.

All their products are famous for their high quality, strength and durability. Each Citiloc product has its own warranty. In case of any failure, you can contact them through their official website and request immediate technical service.

Dynasty Hardware

Dynasty Hardware is a company located in Sylmar, California. They’re currently engaged in the production of deluxe bath and door hardware. Their products meet the needs of lovers of design and good taste.

They produce all kinds of door locks, combining classic and modern styles. If you want to turn your home into a true palace, full of luxury and brightness, this is the most appropriate option for you.

Now that you know the three best brands of pocket door locks, it’s your turn to visit their official websites and take a look at their long gallery of products.

Pocket Door Locks FAQs

If you still have doubts after reading this information, don’t worry. These FAQs and their answers will help you understand better.

Q1. How to lock a pocket door from both sides?

To do this, you can install a pocket door lock with keyways on both sides. To lock the door, you just need to insert the key and turn.

Q2. How to lock a pocket door from the outside?

By installing a reversible model you can lock a pocket door from the outside. This configuration is very common to keep closets and cabinets closed. Model SMARTSTANDARD SHL0001 is ideal for this purpose.

Q3. How do pocket door pulls work?

Basically, a pocket door pull is a small metal handle that serves to pull the door when it’s completely inside the wall. The handle comes attached to a pivot at the top.

To extend the handle, you just have to insert your finger in a hole at the bottom and pull the tip of the handle. Then, when you stop pulling, the handle automatically returns to its original position.

Q4. How do you release pocket door rollers?

First of all, you must remove the door. Then, you must slide the rollers towards the end of the rail. At the end of the path, they’ll fall. Repeat this procedure with each roller until they’re all removed.

Q5. What’s the best material for pocket door locks?

Stainless steel is the best material. It’s sturdy, bright and makes your doors look more elegant.

Q6. Do pocket door locks work with swinging doors?

No. You can’t use pocket door locks on other types of doors.

Q7. Which are the safest pocket doors?

Those that combine more than one latch in the same locking mechanism.

Q8. What should you know before buying a pocket door lock?

You should know the thickness and color of the door, the type of decoration, the hole diameter, the required tools and the contents of the installation kit.

Q9. How to unlock a pocket door lock from outside?

You need a screwdriver. Remove the screw in the center of the lock. Then, remove the metal plate and with the help of the screwdriver, retract the latch completely. After doing this, you can open the door effortlessly.

Q10. Where can you find help if installation instructions aren’t included?

Visit the official website of the manufacturing company. If there’s no official website, you’ll have to search for user manuals and tutorial videos of similar models.

Final Verdict of Best Pocket Door Locks

To choose the best pocket door lock for you, you must know the characteristics of your door like the palm of your hand. Not all materials offer the same durability and strength. Always choose stainless steel over the other materials.

The design of the pocket door lock must match the decoration of the internal spaces and the style of the doors. Also remember that there must be harmony between colors and tones. If you follow all the advice in this article, you’ll not run the risk of making a bad decision.

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