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At any time, your car may fail and you’ll have to take it to the mechanic, whether you like it or not. Certainly, fixing a car can cost too much money. Although the failure is simple, the mechanic won’t let you go without first taking away enough money. In those moments it’s when you most wish to have best car lift for home garage and become your own mechanic.

Car lifts are hydraulic tools used to lift cars. The main function of these machines is to facilitate the inspection and repair of a vehicle. It’s usually composed of a steel frame with arms driven by hydraulic pistons.

If you don’t know how much is a car lift, don’t worry. Here you’ll get all the information you need. From choosing the perfect size to finding the best product at the best price. Today you’ll know the top 10 of best rated garage car lifts you can’t miss buying this.

Benefits of Best Residential Garage Car Lifts

Having the best auto lift for home garage is certainly a great advantage, especially if you want to turn your garage into your own workshop. Therefore, if you’re thinking of buying one of these tools, you’re about to make the best investment of your life. Here you’ll know all the benefits you’ll get if you take a new car lift home.

Money Saving

It’s amazing all the money you can save by buying a residential garage car lift. Here are some things you won’t have to do anymore if you buy one of these tools:

  • Paying a mechanic for a routine check.
  • Paying for a crane to lift a heavy vehicle.
  • Renting a car lift from someone else.
  • Leaving your job to repair your vehicle.
  • Buying a new hydraulic jack.


Above all, best car lifts are more stable than best car jack for home garage. Therefore, you’ll be safe every time you’re under the car. And these are the reasons why:

  • Residential car lifts are more robust and resistant.
  • They can lift a lot of weight with relative ease.
  • The car won’t collapse on you while you work.
  • You can push the car without waiting for it to fall.
  • The frame attaches to the floor, which make them more stable.


With your own car lift, you have control over your own time, because you:

  • Don’t depend on a mechanic’s schedule to repair your car.
  • Can fix your car by yourself at any time you want.
  • Won’t waste valuable time in a mechanical workshop.
  • Can change a tire in record time.
  • Won’t have to leave home to repair your car.

Special Features

Best portable car lifts for home garage have special features that you certainly won’t find in any similar tool. Some of these are:

  • Higher lifting range.
  • Greater lifting capacity.
  • Greater strength and durability.
  • More powerful hydraulic system.
  • Lower maintenance frequency.

Certainly, installing a car lift in your garage is an excellent idea and a wise investment of your money. And these are just some of the benefits you’ll receive. But if you want to know the rest, you must buy your own car lift and discover them for yourself.

Top 10 Best Residential Garage Car Lifts

These days you can find very good car lift models at great prices. However, not all of them have sufficient lifting capacity to meet any challenge. If your car is heavy, you’ll certainly need a large and powerful tool. If you want to know which ones are the best car lifts for heavy duties, you’re in the right place.

Here is the top 10 of best buy automotive car lifts that everyone would like to have in their homes.

1. APlusLift HW-10KBP 10000 lbs Car Lift

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Certainly, the best 2 post car lift in the market. It lifts up to 10,000 lbs with relative ease. This car lift with steroids is all you need to move big and heavy things by pressing a button. Its maximum lifting height is 6’9”, enough for anyone to comfortably inspect the bottom of any car.

In addition, all its parts have a 24 month warranty. The steel profiles that reinforce the frame have thicknesses between 13/64”-15/64”. All moving parts work with dual hydraulic cylinders and a chain drive. The whole system requires 220V. In case of overloading, its relief valve keeps the hydraulic system safe.


If you need to lift too heavy cars, this is certainly the best tool to do it. Maybe it isn’t exactly the cheapest of all, but something is certain: it’s worth every penny you pay for it. Therefore, you won’t regret taking one of these home.

2. APlusLift HW-10KBP 10000 lbs Car Lift

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No products found.

Powered by dual hydraulic cylinders and a chain drive. It lifts up to 10,000 lbs with the help of a 3HP electric motor. It works perfectly with 220V, which makes it an ideal tool to install in your home garage.

All its components have a 24 months warranty. To lift a car, you just need to press a button. In case the electric service fails, this car lift includes a manual lowering system. It can lift cars and trucks to maximum heights between 75”-81”. Anchor bolts come with the car lift installation kit.


Compared to other models that can lift up to 9,000 lbs, APlusLift HW-10KBP is certainly the cheapest of all. If you don’t have more than $2000, this is an excellent option for you. However, its lower price doesn’t decrease product quality. Therefore, this amazing tool occupies a special place in this top 10.

3. TRIUMPH NT9FP 9,000 lb Two Post Auto Lift

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Powered by a 3HP electric engine. It lifts up to 9000 lbs effortlessly. Ideal for lifting heavy cars. If you’re thinking of building your dream garage, this baby can’t miss. You only need a 220V outlet to make it work. Its maximum lifting height is 72”.

The lifting system consists of two huge square steel columns, firmly attached to the floor with anchor bolts. Two long solid steel arms hold the vehicle from the bottom of the chassis. This machine is also robust and very stable. Therefore, you can work peacefully under your car, knowing that you’ll be safe.


Above all, TRIUMPH NT9FP stands for guaranteed satisfaction. Also, Its engine is powerful and can lift the heaviest car effortlessly. It’s ideal to install in your garage, because it doesn’t take up too much space and only needs 220V to operate. Certainly, another option you should have in mind.

4. BendPak QuickJack 5000TL – Best Car Lift for Home Garages

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No products found.

Lightweight, portable and easy to use. BendPak QuickJack 5000TL fits perfectly in the suitcase of any car to take with you it everywhere. You won’t have to suffer again for a flat tire on the road. You just have to place each frame under the lifting points of your car, press a button and see how the magic happens.

In less than a minute, your car will be 2 feet above the ground to perform any maintenance routine. When deployed, it’s as stable and solid as a block of stone. Therefore, you can work safely under your car without fear.


If you’re tired of outdated hydraulic jacks, BendPak QuickJack 5000TL is what you need. Changing a flat tire will no longer be torture with this tool. In addition, it’s lightweight and easy to move. It doesn’t take up too much space in your car’s suitcase, so it’s the perfect companion in your long trips.

5. XPR-10AS-LP Dual-Width 10000 lbs 2 Post  Car Lift

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No products found.

Its steel 30-degree rotated columns allow greater opening of the doors, in case you need to enter the vehicle while it’s still up. Also, It can lift a maximum weight of 10,000 lbs to a maximum height of 69 inches. Its 2HP engine is even more powerful for smooth movement.

It only needs 220V to work. Its top beam and lifting arms are expandable to fit any type of car. Its advanced hydraulic system serves to ensure maximum efficiency and reduce maintenance frequency.


Above all, BendPak XPR-10AS-LP has a striking and practical design. It’s also robust and very powerful. It allows you to open the car doors while you’re working. Therefore, you no longer have to move the car down to get inside. Certainly, a product that offers more advantages than most similar models.

6. BendPak MD-6XP Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Car Lift

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No products found.

It reaches its maximum lift height in just 45 seconds. Its initial height of 4.75 inches allows it to adapt to any kinds of vehicles. It lifts up to 6,000 lbs with the help of a hydraulic system driven by a 110V-220V motor. Also, It doesn’t take up too much space and is very easy to use.

BendPak MD-6XP unfolds like a scissor after pressing a button. The product includes a truck adapter that extends the effective area of ​​the lift base. Thanks to its small footprint, you can use it in small spaces, such as a small garage.


Above all, BendPak MD-6XP is compact and ideal for tight spaces. It lifts heavy cars in a short time and is very stable. However, if the car is too wide, you may have to buy additional adapters. But if it’s a small car, you won’t have any problem.

7. APlusLift HW-8SXLT 8,000LB Portable 4 Post Garage Car Lift

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If you’re looking for the best 4 post home garage car lifts, here’s the best above all. APlusLift HW-8SXLT 8,000LB car lift provides 10” more lifting height and 20” more wheelbase. Ideal for very wide cars. It lifts up to 8000 lbs with relative ease and in a short time. Also, Its automatic locks allow you to set the vehicle in 10 different positions.

A 110V engine drives the entire system. With the press of a button, the car will rise smoothly. Its robust steel profile structure is more stable than other similar models.


TRIUMPH NOS9000 is ideal for too wide cars. Above all, it’s powerful and does its job with maximum efficiency. It’s a durable and resistant product and also doesn’t require much maintenance. Seems like it’s more expensive than other similar models, but the quality has a high price.

8. QuickJack 7000TL Portable Car Lift

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No products found.

Its collapsed height of 3” makes it adapt to any type of car. It reaches its maximum lifting height in just 60 seconds. It’s also lightweight and easy to transport. In addition, it’s compact and ideal to use in small areas. The complete system works with an electric motor. To lift the car, you just need to press a button.

Most importantly, QuickJack 7000TL is specially designed for trucks and SUVs. To use it with more modern cars, you maybe need to buy additional adapters.


QuickJack 7000TL is perfect for trucks and SUVs. However, by buying additional adapters you can lift any kind of vehicle you can imagine under 7000 lbs.

9. Mayflower Blacksmith BP10000 Car Lift

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No products found.

Powered by two hydraulic cylinders. It’s sturdy and withstands a maximum load of 10,000 lbs. Ideal for heavy duties. The installation kit also includes a 4” adapter for trucks. It can lift any type of car to a maximum height of 75”. Its safety lock allows setting the car in 18 different positions.

A 3HP electric motor drives the entire system. To work, Mayflower Blacksmith BP10000 requires 220V. Its robust steel columns set to the ground with anchor bolts for maximum stability. Therefore, you can work safely under the heaviest car without risk of accidents.


Certainly, Mayflower Blacksmith BP 10000 is the big boy of car lifts. You may need extra space to install this little monster. However, once it’s ready for duty, it can lift the heavier vehicles with relative ease. In just 50 seconds it can reach its maximum lifting height. Therefore, you won’t regret buying it.

10. Mayflower Blacksmith 8000 lb Pro Four Post Car Lift

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Powerful, robust and ideal for stacking two cars in a small space. Mayflower Blacksmith lifts maximum loads of 8,000 lbs with relative ease. Its three drip trays prevent liquid spills from the top vehicle. Most noteworthy, you can place a second vehicle at the bottom without risk of stains.

Its automatic locking system allows setting the car in 10 different positions. A 110V electric engine drives the entire mechanism. It’s ideal for garages that don’t have a 220V outlet available. The installation kit also includes 2 loading ramps and 2 stop plates.


Maybe, Mayflower Blacksmith is more expensive than other similar models. However, it includes even more gadgets and additional adapters that you won’t find in other products. Not only does it serve to repair your car, it also allows you to park 2 cars in the same area. Certainly, the car at the bottom will be safe from drops of oil and water that may fall from above.

Buying Guide of Residential Garage Car Lifts

Sometimes, a simple hydraulic jack isn’t enough to lift a vehicle. The larger the vehicle, the more powerful your lifting tool should be. Car lifts are even more robust, resistant and can lift too heavy loads easily. Also, some models are foldable and you can carry them inside your car’s suitcase, as you would with your hydraulic jack.

Although you can find a wide variety of these tools in the market, you must be careful when choosing them. Because not all have the same performance under the same conditions. For example, some car lifts may fail to reach the maximum load limit. Some have defects in moving parts or hydraulic seals. Others are difficult to install.

Clear Instructions

If you’re going to buy your own garage car lift, you expect at least the instructions are clear and easy to understand. Paying someone to take care of the installation is certainly the least you would like. Spending more than $1000 on a new car lift is more than enough.

To choose the best car lift you don’t need to be an expert. In fact, most people who buy one of these tools for the first time have no idea of what they’re doing. Unfortunately, most of them suffer a terrible disappointment after choosing wrong.


Therefore, it’s mandatory that you choose carefully. Most of these devices don’t have a return warranty. in other words, if you buy it you keep it. You won’t get a new one if the one you have is defective. Maybe you can change some parts for free, but only if you do it during the first 12 months of use. After that, you’ll have to pay your own repairs.

Knowing this, you may be afraid to buy a new car lift, considering the risk of choosing wrong. However, you have anything to worry about. Today you’ll learn some basic criteria to differentiate an excellent car lift from a piece of junk.

From the quality of materials to the minimum height required to lift any car. Today you’ll know each of those tips that you probably won’t find in textbooks or user manuals. This is the most complete buying guide on how to choose the best residential garage car lift and not spend too much money on the process.

Steel Thickness

First of all: don’t accept a non-steel car lift. These tools must withstand enormous load. Therefore, you need a material strong enough not to fail during duties. Steel is economical compared to other even more resistant materials, such as titanium.

In addition, it resists shear, compression and flexion quite well. If the columns are high and the car is very heavy, the module of these efforts increases considerably. In order for the profiles not to collapse, they need to have a wide cross section and a suitable steel thickness.

To lift a car, the steel thickness must be between 5-6 mm. Certainly, not all structural steel profiles can lift a car without deforming. That’s because, the more steel, the better. However, with a considerable increase in steel thickness, there’s also a similar increase in weight.

I or H?

“I”, “H”, square and rectangular profiles are perfect for columns. While a greater thickness offers even more resistance, a greater cross-sectional area offers stability. Both columns must join to steel plates, attached to the floor with anchor bolts of the same material.

It’s also recommended that there be reinforcements around the column, in the joint with the plate. This provides even more resistance and decreases the possibility of deformation. Usually, the reinforcements are small steel triangles welded around the column. Although the presence of reinforcements isn’t usually specified in the features, you can identify them in the reference photo of the product.

Usually, the thickness of the plates should be greater than that of the columns. When loaded the car lift, the plates must withstand punching efforts. If the thickness isn’t enough, the columns would pierce the plate and the entire structure would collapse. Therefore, be sure to confirm the thickness of the steel before buying. Once you receive the product, verify this same feature using a Vernier tool. In conclusion, if the thickness is less than indicated in the specifications, don’t accept the product.

Similarly, the adapters must also be solid steel parts. These parts are in direct contact with the car and receive the greatest amount of effort. If the steel isn’t of good quality, the adapters will probably bend when lifting the car.

Lifting height

Lifting height is certainly a feature that you shouldn’t overlook. Portable models usually don’t exceed 2 feet of lifting height. Therefore, they aren’t exactly the best for repairs, but they can make things easier in case of a flat tire.

On the other hand, large models, which include columns, platforms and adapters, can lift a car to heights above 75”. Therefore, these are excellent for checking under the car, changing the oil and any other type of repair. You won’t have to lie on the floor to remove screws and nuts. In addition, you can move freely and you won’t end up with back pain at the end of the day.

The higher the lifting, the more robust the columns should be. A too heavy car on a long column exerts a large amount of torque. This reaction tends to deform the columns in the joint with the support plate.

Because of that, always remember this simple principle: higher lifting will require more robust profiles.


Car lifts are constantly subjected to great efforts during their lifespan. Therefore, you can’t allow external agents to weaken the steel strength. In mechanical workshops, metal corrosion is a common phenomenon. Usually, water, acids and other substances commonly used in these places are responsible for this.

So, if you live in a too humid area or near the beach, you can’t install any car lift garage. Probably, a decade later, your car lift will become a pile of rusty metal. Rust not only weakens the steel, it also affects the mobility of the pieces. If there’s rust in a mechanism, not even the best lubricant will make it move smoothly.

The main purpose of coatings is to keep the steel surface isolated from direct contact with external agents. And it isn’t just about applying paint so that the product looks prettier. It’s necessary to apply a complete treatment that certainly keeps corrosive substances away.

Some companies apply an anti-rust sealant that preserves the steel even if the external coating scratches.

External Coating

The most common external coatings are epoxy paint and thermoplastic. For example, epoxy paint contains two main ingredients, which, when mixed, tend to form a resistant and waterproof layer on the surface. They work very well during the first years of use, but over time, it’s prudent to apply new epoxy layers.

Thermoplastic materials guarantee permanent protection with only one application. Usually, thermoplastic coating is much thicker than epoxy paint layers. It also doesn’t scratch so easily and resists well high impacts.

On the other hand, thermoplastic comes in the form of small spheres, which adhere to metal through electromagnetic force. After that, the piece goes to an oven, where the spheres melt. The end result is bright, striking and highly resistant.

If you’re looking for the best car lift among all, you must demand the best coating. Always opt for thermoplastic materials for greater durability.


When you buy a car lift, maybe color is the last feature that goes through your mind. But color shouldn’t only combine with the internal spaces of your garage. It must also hide the dirty well.

Probably, every time you repair your car, you end up with dirty hands. And it’s a normal tendency to lean on the columns of the car lift with dirty hands. Oil stains are almost impossible to remove. So, if you want to disappear them forever, you should use too powerful products, which could end up ruining the paint.

If the color of the car lift is too light, dark oil stains will be more obvious. Over the years, the columns will look even dirtier, completely ruining the aesthetic. If you wouldn’t like to make a bad impression on third parties, you’ll have to clean your columns every time you finish working.

However, that will never happen. Especially if you end up exhausted after a long repairing journey. In conclusion, the best solution to this problem is to choose a dark colors that conceal the stains well.

For this purpose, black car lifts are the most suitable. It’s very difficult to detect an oil stain on a black column. You probably have to get too close to notice. So, if you don’t consider yourself the cleanest and tidiest mechanic of all, never think about buying a white car lift.

Power Supply

Usually, all car lifts require electric power to operate. So, before buying, you should know the voltage available in the place where you plan to install your lifting tool. Most common appliances work with 110V.

Therefore, most outlets at home have that voltage. If your car isn’t too heavy, you can buy car lifts that work perfectly with 110V. Usually, these models don’t exceed 6000 lbs of maximum load.

However, if you only have 110V available at home, you’ll probably have problems if you need to lift a heavier car. Models that lift between 8,000-10,000 lbs use powerful 3HP motors, powered by a 220V source.

But, if you don’t have the required voltage, you’ll never make it work. You could call an electrician to find a solution. However, you’ll have to spend more money than you had available.

Hydraulic System

Some car lifts use chain drives and gears. Others use steel ropes and pulleys. However, they all have something in common: a hydraulic system. The hydraulic system consists of pistons driven by hydraulic fluid pumped at high pressure. When the piston chamber fills with fluid, it pushes a solid bar attached to the moving parts of the system.

Obviously, if you’re going to move large loads, you’ll certainly need robust pistons. If you see that the size of the pistons is too small compared to the car lift frame, it’s better not to buy. If you don’t want an explosion of hydraulic fluid in your garage, you better not take unnecessary risks.

The quality of hydraulic seals is another important detail that you shouldn’t overlook. If once receiving the product, you notice the slightest leakage of hydraulic fluid, don’t accept it. Maybe the  seals are defective. Usually, the warranty covers the replacement of the seals.

Ease of Installation

Whoever ensures that installing a car lift is easy, is probably lying. While the tool is heavier, it will give you more headaches. First of all, you should know that once the product arrives at your home, you must take it out of the truck and transport it. Don’t expect the truck driver to help you in the process, because that isn’t his job.

Maybe you need to rent a forklift for the day the shipping arrives. Then you must open the packaging and set the pieces in place to install. Usually, columns, hydraulic system and electric cables are the most difficult elements to install.

If you don’t want to end up paying someone else to install your new car lift, make sure the installation instructions come with the product. For example, many car lifts don’t include a user manual. Therefore, if you’ve never installed one of these devices before, at least verify that the manual exists on the official website of the product.

Before buying, take into account the space available for installation. Realizing that the product won’t fit after buying is the worst thing that could happen to you. So, measure the available area and compare with the size of the product.


Maybe this truth will break your heart, but you won’t find good car lifts for less than $1000. Everything below that price is a hydraulic jack or maybe a piece of garbage. Therefore, you must be mentally prepared to spend enough money if you want a tool that lasts a lifetime.

You may visit several physical stores and compare prices. Usually, shopping sites on the Internet have the best prices. Before buying, first check out the official website of the product. There you’ll probably find affordable prices.

If the cost in a virtual store is much cheaper than the factory price, your alarms should start to sound, because the product could be:

  • Imitation.
  • Used.
  • Defective.
  • Made of low quality materials.

Or maybe you’re a very lucky person. However, the first four reasons are more likely in the real world. First of all, don’t buy too cheap products, looking to save a few dollars. If you’re looking for quality, you must pay for it.

If you have questions about the quality of a particular product, check out the automotive lifts reviews from other buyers. Is it good? Is it bad? Build your own criteria based on what others say. Then make a decision.

Don’t rely in too tempting offers. Certainly, not all that glitters is gold. Internet is full of scams, so you must be very careful before buying a certain product for the first time.

Best Brands of Residential Garage Car Lifts

Buying a residential garage car lift is always a risk. Especially when it’s the first time you do it. However, the best way to escape risks is choosing brands well known for the quality and durability of their products. In the world, there are three leading brands manufacturing the best car lift for the money. Today you’ll know the reasons why people prefer them:


Triumph car lifts are the best for heavy duties. They are durable and very resistant. They also have a double purpose. Therefore, you can use them to inspect and repair your car, or to park two cars in a small area.

Seems like Triumph car lifters are more expensive compared to other models. However, you won’t find superior quality in other products. Triumph products can certainly last a lifetime and require very little maintenance.


APlusLift is a brand owned by Songa Enterprises LLC, located in Bellevue, Washington. Since 2013, this company manufactures products of the highest quality, including car lifters, motorcycle lifters and air conditioners.

Their products are famous in the United States and little by little, they’re gaining the preference of users around the globe. All their products come with factory warranty. They also offer unsurpassed customer service and incredible offers. Therefore, all their products are durable at an affordable price.


It started in 1965 as a small tubing company. After that, it evolved into one of the most important car lift manufacturers in the United States. Their QuickJack line is well known and it’s common to find them in department stores in several states of the country.

Also, all their products follow a strict quality control to guarantee user satisfaction. Through their website, you can contact them, ask questions or request technical service. Therefore, every time you search BendPak car lift reviews, you won’t find less than five stars.

FAQs of Automotive Lifts Reviews

If the information you just read hasn’t answered all your questions, you probably find the answer to many of them in this FAQs section.

How high does a garage have to be for a lift?

It all depends on the type of car lift you choose. However, it’s recommended that the ceiling lights are above the maximum height of the lift plus the vehicle height. So, be sure to know that before buying.

How much does it cost to put a lift in a garage?

You’ll need between $1500- $2500 dollars to install a car lift in your garage. You may have to spend more if you need additional adapters.

How much headroom you need for a car lift?

It’s recommended to have 4-5 meters of headroom to install a car lift.

How much voltage does a car lift need to work?

Some small models require only 110V. However, the most powerful require 220V.

Do all car lifts work with low profile cars?

No. Be sure to check the collapsed car lift height before buying.

Are pinch welds necessary to lift a car?

Most folding models need pinch welds to lift a car. On the other hand, the larger lifts work with any type of car.

How can you lower the car if the electricity goes out?

Usually, newest car lifts include a manual mechanism that allows you to do this. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the electric service to return.

What’s the minimum thickness of steel required for car lifts?

5-6 mm thick.

Do bigger lifting arms affect performance of the car lift?

Yes. Using bigger lifting arms than original ones add more weight. That means the car lift won’t withstand its maximum load.

Final Verdict

Buying a car lift is certainly a good decision. You’ll no longer have to leave home to repair your car. In addition, you’ll save all the money you currently spend on mechanical services. So, you should know the characteristics of your car and the space reserved for installation before buying.

Good car lifts aren’t cheap, so you must have enough money to make the best decision. It’s always a risk to buy too cheap products. When it comes to best buy car lifts, greater efficiency means more money. In conclusion, if you follow the advice of this buying guide, you’ll know how to choose the best model that best suits your requirements.

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