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For Living Norm, the opinion of the crowd is important. Therefore, if you have something valuable to share or any information you want to complement, you’re free to do so through Guest Post.

Become a guest editor and reach new audiences through Living Norm. Interact with people who share your passion for writing. Certainly, the whole world is eager to learn from you!

What type of guest post you can write in this website

In Living Norm you are free to write articles related to the main niches, such as:

  • Home tools
  • Garage tools
  • Security tools
  • Beauty products

You can also complement the information of existing articles if you consider it necessary. The more information, the better!

Benefits of guest post

Guest post helps you reach a wider audience. Many people who have never read your articles will begin to hear from you. In addition, you can establish strategic collaborations with other editors related to your niche of interest.

If you have your own blog, doing guest post will help you gain authority. In addition, other people may access your content through Living Norm.

And best of all, you’ll help people around the world to clarify their doubts related to a specific topic.

Requirements to write a guest post in this website

Making a guest post in Living Norm is very easy. You just have to follow the following requirements:

  • Each article must have more than 800 words.
  • Articles must be written in the third person.
  • Each paragraph must contain a maximum of 2-3 lines. Avoid too long sentences.
  • You must use simple language, so that your message can reach the largest number of people.
  • Spelling and typing errors are prohibited.
  • Bad words and inappropriate terms are prohibited.
  • Your content must be 100% original. Before publishing, be sure to pass your articles through an anti-plagiarism tool.
  • All content published on this website must be related to the main niches of Living Norm.
  • Include in each article, the consulted information source. That way, readers will trust what you say.

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