How To Find Studs Behind Fiberglass Shower

how to find studs behind fiberglass shower

When it comes to mounting anything on the wall that has long screws, it’s evident that we first check the stud. If the object is not mounted on the stud, it will not be able to hold on to the wall. So, before mounting anything anywhere, finding studs is evident.

In the case of normal drywalls, everyone uses stud finders to find studs. A stud finder can work without interruption for drywall because the wall is solid and made of chunks of solid materials. But when it comes to fiberglass, the process gets a little tricky. How to find studs behind fiberglass shower, you ask? Just like drywall studs finding, the stud finder is used with a few adding measures.

Before moving forward with the process, for people who don’t have a clue about what a stud finder is, let’s find out.

What is a Stud Finder?

A stud finder is a device used by people who work in construction or do construction work at home themselves to find the beam or the stud behind a wall. This device sends out an infrared signal that hits the beam and comes back letting us know how deep the stud is.

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It’s a small device. All you have to do is hold it on the wall for a few moments, and it can deliver the result. But can it do the same in the case of a fiberglass wall?

Can a Stud Finder Measure the Stud of a Fiberglass Shower?

A stud Finder can do this seamlessly in the case of drywall because it is made out of solid particles. But fiberglass is made of fibers. It does not reflect the infrared like the solid particles. So, it’s not possible to get an accurate reading from a fiberglass wall only using a stud finder. There are some extra measures necessary.

How to Find Studs Behind Fiberglass Shower

Finding studs behind fiberglass shower is not an easy task. You have to know what you are doing precisely. Other than that, there is considerable room for making mistakes. We will go through a step-by-step process to make this easy for even the first-timers.

Step 1

On any drywall of your shower, place the stud finder and locate the edges of the beams. After locating the edges, mark the exact middle point from the two edges. After one middle point is marked, move to either side and locate the next middle point of two edges.

Step 2

Using a measuring tape, find out the distance between the two marked spots. Beams or studs are usually placed maintaining a 16″ increment or a 24″ increment. The measured distance will guide you to find the studs behind fiberglass shower.

Step 3

Locate and mark a stud on the drywall of the same room where the shower is using the stud finder. Now that you have the distance between the studs’ center spot, use the distance to keep marking studs from that side to the fiberglass shower side of the room.

On the side where drywall is, you can look for two studs and find the distance to match the acquired distance on step 2. If it matches, you have successfully located the studs behind fiberglass shower.

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Final Words

So, this is how to find studs behind fiberglass shower. The process will seem like a complicated one until you start measuring with a tape and a Stud Finder. Also, you will require an accurate stud finder that can actually read the edges properly. Without that, you can’t locate studs.

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