How To Remove Dried Grout From Stone Tile?

how to remove dried grout from stone tile

It’s no secret that home improvement is such a disgusting job. You must spend a considerable time and energy on this. One of the most daunting home enhancement tasks is cleaning up after you are done with a total renovation. Hence, among all the furtherance, one thing is very typical and that is cleaning grout from stone tile.

The principal element which embraced grout is “portland cement”. It takes a little time to harden after fixing on the surface. The problem is that after strengthening, it’s too difficult to remove old grout from floor tiles. In this article, we will talk about how to remove dried grout from stone tile.

Let’s go –

Tips To Clean Grout Off Natural Stone Tile

If you want to clean the grout from natural stone tile, you have to mix natural water and vinegar smoothly. After that, spray the mixture thoroughly all over the tiles. Now, scrub the tiles to eliminate the grout with a soft brush.

Now, the question can be raised that what is grout?

Grout is a smoggy liquid that can be used to fill the tile gap. You can completely fill the area between the tiles with this element. Therefore, it is also known as tiles jointer. When you use it, you won’t feel any disturbance? But, prescinding is a much trickier task to do.

Cleaning Grout Smog From Natural Stone Tile

We’ve already been told that cleaning grout from natural stone tile is such a hard task. If you apply grout grease before using the grout smog in the tile, you could pull out the grout much easily. But, if you don’t use grout grease, it is extremely painful to remove it.

However, it’s not an impossible mission. All you need to do is apply some process to do it. Let’s check –

  • Scrubbing It Away

Truth to be told, there’s no pinch-perfect way to remove clotted grout. As a result, no path is error-free. Plastic knives and scrapers can be used to solve this problem. But the scrapers should be made of rubber paint.

In order to scrub, you have to move the plastic knife and scraper straightway in one direction. So, you can easily catch the remaining part of the solution. Sometimes, large pieces can break and leave a large number of relics. You can clean it with a nylon sponge scrubbing pad.

  • Just Brush It

Sometimes, the grout ingredients don’t stick to the surface entirely. In such a case, you have to act smartly. There’s a way to find out whether the grout can be removed or not. Firstly, scrub it with a dry cloth. Then, use a soft nylon brush.

If the relics remain, you should change the tactics and use a stone-protected granite sponge.

  • Vinegar

Before talking about it, we want to share with you a caution. Vinegar is an acidic element. Therefore, you have to be careful about it. It would be best to test how the tile can cop the acidic ingredient. At first, test it and then dilute it with enough water.

Furthermore, you should also put a careful eye on whether the vinegar reaches the place where it shouldn’t. If it reaches somehow, acts fast and clean it with pure water.

Moreover, while using vinegar, keep the whole area ventilated. You have to mix half water and half vinegar in a small and polished spray bottle. After that, steadily spray the blending into the affected area. Then, leave the area for a few minutes.

Don’t use too much vinegar. Besides, don’t use vinegar directly in the affected areas. It could be backfired as the tile might be decolored. So, use the diluted mixture slowly until the whole grout has been eliminated.

The diluted solution assists in exempting the grout bond and slowly removing it. After completing the task, wash the whole area quickly.

  • Sugared Water

It is another effective way to remove dried grout. You have to add some regular white sugar to some lukewarm water. After that, shake it a few times. Now, take a nylon sponge and mix it with sugar water. Then, start to wash the grout you want to dispel. You should rub and shred the grout.

This system is highly effective in removing the smaller pieces. However, eliminating the big parts is pretty difficult in this way.

  • Brick and Patio Cleaners

These are nearly perfect agents for removing the grout. There’s no doubt. Nevertheless, you have to take precautions before applying these components like acid-based cleaners. For this reason, these components are highly effective.

  • Water And Wood

Pour some clean water on the tile of the surface. This pure water works as a lubricant. Now, scour the layers of grout with a shorter wood piece. Keep working on the grout in the light to ease the pressure. Then, sponge out all the heavy grout portions steadily. After that, splash the tile with clean water.

Keep rinsing the tile until all the grouts are entirely gone from the tile.

  • Sulfamic Acid

Sulfamic acid is much powerful than vinegar. So, you need to take extra measurements while using it. The using process is almost the same as the vinegar. But, you have to use goggles and gloves before using this ingredient.

Besides, you need to use the material in a well-ventilated area. After using, wash the whole area with purified water.

  • Clean the Grout Area with a Cleaner

You can find grout cleaning solutions from any nearby store. Before using a solution, thoroughly check out the whole instructions. Moreover, you must ensure that the product is safe and secured on your natural stone tiles. Closely follow the guidelines. So, you will get a decent idea of using the product.

However, the question can be raised that which cleaner will be perfect for you? Here, we are recommending you two products. We assume that it will be helpful for you. Let’s take a look –

1. Sheiner’s Stone and Tile Cleaner

No products found.

It is a strong cleaner. Sheiner’s Stone and Tile Cleaner can even finish off the sturdiest dirt from a natural stone tile in a simple way. Moreover, this cleaner is also known as “Universal Cleaner”. You can use it on other surfaces such as Laminate, Vinyl and linoleum.

Positive sides of this cleaner
  • You can use it easily and it works wonderfully.
  • It can even remove the sturdiest grout quite easily.
  • As this cleaner is known as a universal cleaner, it can be used on various natural surfaces apart from the stone tile.
  • There are no chemical components in it. As a result, it is eco-friendly and safe for homes, pets, and children.
  • It is also pretty easy to clean.

2. Black Diamond Grout Cleaner

No products found.

Black Diamond grout cleaner is a little bit softer than its counterpart. But it also works great. You can remove grout through this cleaner. Besides, you can also use it on granite, marble, etc surfaces. It can do smooth cleaning and make the surface shinier.

Positive sides of this cleaner
  • It is USDA certified product.
  • The product is made of natural ingredients.
  • It is safe for pets and kids.
  • It is easy to spray and wipe. You will clearly understand while using it.
  • The scent is light and it cleans quite properly.

How To Scrap And Rub The Grout From Tiles

Primarily, you can use a lubricant to remove the grout from tiles. But it won’t work well. It can reduce the amount of grout, not more than that. We are recommending you use soft materials to do the job. Here, we are going to suggest to you some common tools you can consider –

  • Sponge

You can use a sponge on expensive tiles. There’s no way this soft material can cause harm to the tiles.

  • Wire Wool

This is a soft abrasive. However, it can put a shade of metal mark on the tiles. This is why you have to use this very carefully. On top of that, take your time and gently rub the grout on the tiles with wire wool.

  • Razor Blade

You can use it to eliminate soft marks of grout.

  • Metal Scrapping Tools

If you don’t have any other options, you can use it. But we will advise you to skip it unless you don’t have any other options. The reason is it can make big damage to the tile surface.

Besides, we will recommend you to use wood with warm water. Wood is the most suitable option to remove grouts. Moreover you can try any top-notch floor cleaning machine to make the cleaning tasks easier for you.

Final Say

So, this is our overall discussion. Different grout cleaners work with different consistencies and work methods. To get the best output, you have to put in your best effort. Hence, you will also have to read and act according to the instructions to achieve the optimum result.

So, what’s your take on our article? Do you think it is helpful? You can say it in the comment box below if you have any other opinions. Thanks for reading! Stay healthy and blessed!

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