Fixd vs. BlueDriver OBD2 – Which One to Go For?

Fixd vs. BlueDriver OBD2

Car maintenance scanning tools are cost-effective tools. They save money and time. Using Car maintenance tools is not a matter of luxury rather an essential part. To know the real-time information about car health, the necessity of an OBD2 scanner is undeniable. The hardware device plugs into your car, and the software connects to the device with Bluetooth and delivers real-time information over the phone.

This write-up will deal with Fixd vs. BlueDriver OBD2. And give you guidance on which one you should go for. In a word, Fixd and BlueDriver are both quality scanners and have a good customer review. Fixd is competitively low cost and has fewer technical details than BluDriver. However, BluDriver is considered an advanced tool for scanning.

What You Should Know Before Buying a Scanner

You will find several scanners in the market. All of them are not of good quality and durability. Also, some are unable to succeed in customers’ needs. So, purchase a random scanner for your car maintenance is not give you 100% satisfaction. According to nerdknowbetter, You should know about Five important things before buying a scanner.

Software Compatibility:

You should choose a device that works with the software. The software will give you the facility of seeing your car diagnostic report on your phone instantly. Without software compatibility, it will be a useless electronic device. When buying scanner tools for your car maintenance, consider the software support platform. Choose a device that software is allowed to use on all platforms like android and iOS.

Support Mechanisms:

Go with the right kind of device supporting all the customer’s needed mechanisms. Without the supported mechanism, it’s nothing but a waste of money. So, before buying a device, consider the supported mechanism of the device. Choose a suitable device that fulfills all your needs.

Available Updates:

This one is the most important part to consider. If you buy a device that doesn’t allow updates, you will miss all the latest technology. The recent mopeds car is built with modern technology, so to run with a new car your device should have updates. Thus, you will not miss any kind of recent technology which is needed for your vehicles.

Price Tag:

The price should also consider things. You are required to buy a device that has an affordable price with all the needed features. You should check out the market for different types of scanner tools by yourself. Select a scanner device that is in your budget range. The minimum basic features of all OBD2 scanner tools are the same. But if you want advanced service from scanner tools, you should increase your budget.

Customer Reviews:

Before buying scanner tools for your car maintenance, see the real customer review. Know about the benefits of this product. If your requirements fulfill those benefits, then select your device. Without seeing any review from the user buying a product is not a good decision.

FIXD Review


Fixd is an entry-level scanning tool for general users. This device is worked with software and hardware. The working process of this device is simple. You need to plug in the hardware under the steering wheel and need to start your vehicle. The device automatically diagnoses your car health report and will show it on your mobile screen. The software and the hardware connected with Bluetooth.

This Fixd Scanning device supports all gas-powered cars and trucks after 1996. And it supports diesel cars which were built after 2008. These car maintenance tools can translate over seven thousand error codes into English. It can check the engine light and can deliver the report on your phone. Through this Fixd device, you will be notified of automatic updates, depending on your desired routine maintenance.

The software of the Fixd OBD2 scanner is suited for all platforms. You can use the software on android and iOS devices. The best part of this device is that you can connect five-car simultaneously on the device. It means all your family cars may maintain under one device.

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Key Features

Every device has some key features which make it unique. Below for your better understanding, we have enlisted the Fixd scanning device’s key features for car maintenance.

  1. Free Application for android and iOS, communicate with fixd sensor
  2. Check Engine light
  3. Read the error code and translate it into plain English.
  4. Mobile push notifications.
  5. Multi-Vehicle control.
  6. Has a small, discreet, and powerful sensor
  7. Application Updates automatically.
  8. Schedule car maintenance.
  9. Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Instant, accurate data (engine temp, pressure, fuel usage, etc.)
  • Takes a snapshot when a code is stored (Freeze Frame).
  • Offers all basic and a few advanced diagnosing features.
  • Reads and clears CEL codes.
  • Up to 50% discount available on the official website
  • Sells out regularly

Bluedriver Review

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool

BlueDriver is considered a scannings tools for professionals’ users. This has many more technical specifications than Fixd scanning tools. Actually, this is an advanced-level car maintenance scanning tool. This device also works with a hardware device and software. The hardware needs to be set on your car’s OBD port and connect the software through Bluetooth.  This device can read all the codes and can give you the repair reports for specific problems.

BlueDriver has a 24/7 customer support policy to fix your problem anytime. You can contact any expert of their team with the software. This device can read and clear check engine codes and transmit them into English. BlueDriver delivers advanced test results, onboard diagnostic system monitor. You will get all real-time reports of your car’s health on BlueDriver scanning tools.

The device itself can check the smog and give you a notification. This scanning tool is fitted with almost all car brands, like Toyota, BMW, Nissan, Subaru, Hyundai, Honda, Mercedes, etc. The application doesn’t need any money to use. It’s completely free. The BlueDriver is designed in North America by Professional Car Engineers.

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Key Features

The BlueDriver car maintenance tools have numerous key features which make them popular among professional car users. The main features of BlueDriver are listed below.

  1. A blue LED light makes it easy to tell once the phone connects to the device.
  2. The app automatically launches on iPhones.
  3. Offers 6.6 million verified fixes.
  4. Displays active codes and sends alerts on your phone.
  5. No battery is needed to operate this scan tool.
  • Highly versatile and well-made code reader that reads more than just engine codes (ABS, airbags, etc.)
  • Comes with Enhanced Diagnostics, ideal for experienced DIYers
  • Generates Repair Reports which can easily be shared with your mechanic Confirmed Fix & Smog Check available for free in the app.
  • Confirmed Fix & Smog Check available for free in the app.
  • currently support Enhanced Diagnostics (ABS, SRS, etc.) for all vehicles
  • Only monitor one vehicle at a time.
  • Does not track routine maintenance and wear items as FIXD does

Final Word

OBD2 scanning tools like Fixd and BlueDriver work as a money saver. They notify you about your car condition on time. It saves you from a big danger. Sometimes using scanning tools like Fixd and BluDriver saves your time also.

If you are confused about which device you should use, we recommend using Fixd OBD2 scanning tools. Because this is lightweight and has an affordable price. And the best thing about it is. If you choose Fixd as a scanning tool, you don’t need individual car maintenance tools for the rest of your family cars.

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