How Do You Store Mops and Brooms?

how to store mops and brooms

Cleaning supplies like mops and brooms fall over in the kitchen or bathroom with their awkward size and shape. No one wants to display these cleaning supplies to other people. So, the perfect solution to hide these things by keeping them in any cabinet or closet.

It doesn’t matter how several you use mops and brooms. You should always keep them in storage, which will make your house tidy. Also, proper storage will allow clean, well-organized, pleasant brooms, and mops.

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How Do You Store Mops and Brooms?

To save space and keep the room well-ordered, you have to store the cleaning supplies. Getting the best tools will help in the process for sure, but that’s for the mop and broom holder reviews. For now, we will suggest some ideas about how you can store mops and brooms.

Full Closet

To have a full closet for storing cleaning supplies is the best idea. Closet comes with shelves, racks, and hooks. It will help you to maximize space. So, you can store other cleaning products along with brooms and mops. The best part is you can use the back part of the closet door to hang other stuff.

Dedicate Part of the Pantry

If you have a large pantry in the house, then there is no need for any separate space. Just carve out one section from the pantry and store the brooms and mops. Then keep other kinds of stuff on the above shelves. Most importantly, keep the serious cleaning items like bleach on the top rack of the closet. So that children can’t touch them.

Sliding Storage

Who has space issues for the cabinet or cupboard, can use a sliding broom holder? Install it between your fridge and wall. It will hide your cleaning supplies and also don’t require much space.

Pegboard Wall

If you have enough space or a laundry room attached to your garage. Then you can keep the broom closet on a pegboard. You can quickly grab the tools. Also, you have to keep them tidy if it’s on display.

Wall Cabinet

A wall cabinet is the perfect space-saving idea. You can easily install it between the studs of your wall. Inside the cabinet place holders to store mops and brooms. It doesn’t need extra space like cabinets.

Built-In Cabinet

If you already have a cabinet, then just add a shallow broom closet. It will fit all the cleaning supplies. Also, you can mount a broom organizer to keep an organized space. The idle place for this cabinet is next to the fridge or by the pantry.

Zip Tiles

The cheapest and useful storage idea for broom and mop is zip tiles. It is not as cool as the above ideas, but it will help you to get the job done. Just install it on the wall and hang your cleaning supplies.

Follow one of these points and make your own storage for the brooms and mops.

Choose the Best Broom and Mop Holder

A holder is a must for organizing broom and mop. It is not only necessary for mounting on the wall but also for the side shelves, cupboards or cabinets. Without a proper holder, it will be challenging to organize the cleaning items. So, you have to look for the right holders that can hold your cleaning tools

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Number of Slot and Hooks

The one which has six hooks and five ball slots are the best holders. It can hang up a total of 11 tools. It will help to have better storage and keeping all the mops and brooms in one place.


After checking hooks and slots, the next thing is to find out the ideal holder. Try to choose a holder that has 11 slots. Every slot can hold 7.5 pounds, so a broom holder can support up to 35 pounds. That is enough for storing a larger range of tools. A holder that can accommodate 11 tools can assure more safety to the devices.


Highly compatible and versatile holders are great to have. They have the ability to store garden tools, rakes, and other cleaning appliances. Also, make sure that you can utilize it both indoors and outdoors. 


Look for a holder that is easy to install and takes minimum time for mounting. Always buy those holders that come with all the tools and instruments needed for installation.

By considering these features, you can buy the accurate holder for your cleaning kinds of stuff.

How to Store Mops and Brooms Long-Lasting

Storing mops and brooms at the corner of the house can cause damage to them. To make these mops and brooms long-lasting proper storage is a must. You can customize every cleaning accessory that can help you to handle them.

Stop throwing every cleaning item together. It will cause difficulty for you to find any tool when needed. Make sure every hooks and holder are well-spaced between them. For mops and brooms, a personalized hook board will be best. It will ensure well-organized tools.

Pick up those tools that you are going to use on a regular basis. And organize them in one part of the closet. Then store the remaining tools in such a way that they can’t obstruct the regularly used tools.

Note that you cannot store wet brooms and mops in the closet. After using, always wash them, then keep them for drying. Otherwise, it will cause a bad odour, and it won’t last long. When they dry completely, then you can store them.

These tips can make your mops and brooms clean, organized, and long-lasting. 


If you keep the brooms and mops here and there, it will create a mess in your house. I am sure you don’t want to show the disordered house to other people. To make your house mess free and organized, start storing these cleaning tools. Properly storing cleaning items will save a lot of space and keep your home clean. I hope you find those ideas for storing your mops and brooms from this article.

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