7 Easy Tips on How to Secure Your Apartment Door

how to secure your apartment door

If I tell you that you can increase the security of your apartment by just adding a tough door, will you believe me? I mean what can you do to secure an apartment door? Just put in some fancy locks and it’ll do the trick, right?

However, it’s not that simple. Nowadays, thieves target doors because they’re easy to break-in. As a result, that’ll give access to your whole apartment. 

Turns out, burglars and thieves can break into your apartment easily if you don’t have a secured door.

So, if you’re wondering how to secure your apartment door, then you’re at the right place. 

In fact, we’ve prepared 7 easy tips that will secure your apartment door and keep thieves away from it. Moreover, there are some bonus tips in the end which will make your work easier.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin. 

7 Tips to Secure your Apartment Door

You can increase the security of the whole apartment by securing your doors. Besides, securing your apartment doors will create a strong enough barrier against break-ins. 

And the good news? 

A burglar can recognize doors that have safety measures taken to it. Normally, they don’t want to enter houses that have secured doors and take unnecessary risks. 

So, you’ll have to make them believe that your doors are safe and secure. Let’s look at the 7 ways to actually secure your doors from burglars: 

1. Install Sturdy Locks

Don’t go for fancy locks, they just look good and don’t end up securing your doors. 

On the other hand, deadbolt locks are the types of locks that have no exposed screws. Moreover, these metal locks are sturdy enough to provide strong resistance. 

In addition to this, the locks contain only one key and no one can access them from the outside. Put one of these in the external doors and the burglars won’t even think of getting near to your apartment. 

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2. Install Door Cameras

There are peepholes on doors that allow you to inspect or look at someone from the inside. However, you might not even be in your home at the event of an attack. Here’s where the door camera comes into play. 

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The cameras can inspect suspicious activities at your door and notify you. Also, you can control them using your smartphone. Furthermore, you can record activities when you’re not in your home. 

On the other hand, thieves don’t normally attack houses that have a camera in it because they don’t want to take any risk. 

3. Use Door Alarms

You can set alarms in your doors. These devices can set off whenever someone tries to break into your house. Moreover, they can notify your neighbors if someone tries to break into your house. 

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4. Install Strike Plate

Strike plates are important as they firmly secure the deadbolts into your doors. Besides, strike plates that have long screws are reliable when it comes to door security. 

5. Use Security Bars

Put in one end of the security bar on the handle of the door and use the other on the floor. As a result, the metal bar will resist anyone trying to kick into your apartment.

And the good news? 

These bars are inexpensive and durable. 

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6. Use Door Barricade

You need to attach the door barricades to the floor instead of the door frame. As a result, it increases the chance to resist any types of kick-ins or break-ins caused by burglars. 

Besides, you can put this barricade on any type of floor and it’ll still secure your apartment doors. 

7. Use Bulbs in the Hallway

Different light bulbs in the hallway discourage burglars from breaking in. This is because anyone can monitor suspicious activities under the light. 

Besides, if there’s always light on your doors, then burglars won’t have the time to break locks. And later breaking into your apartment. 

Extra Tips

You can also use these other tips on securing your doors: 

  • Use locks on sliding doors and attach metal rods at the bottom. As a result, it’ll resist any unwanted entries. 
  • If you have glass around your windows, then strengthen the glass with metal bars. 
  • Install a sash jammer in the top and bottom of your doors to prevent kick-ins by intruders. 


Well, that’s all we had to say on how to secure your apartment door. Hopefully, the article cleared out all the confusion you had on this topic. 

Best of all, when you use the methods that we’ve shown you in this article to your doors, you can protect your apartments. 

So, why don’t you give it a try? Good Luck.

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